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Roof Replacement, Installation, Repair, and More In Harrisburg PA

At Dreamworx Roofing, our focus is on completing your project honestly and with professional expertise. Our team are experts when it comes to roofing projects and we can help repair or replace your Harrisburg roof. We take great pride in the efficiency and quality of our work which is why home and business owners across Harrisburg trust Dreamworx Roofing to service their roofs. Keeping a healthy roofing system and a protected home is more than just securing shingles to a roof. Our team are experts when it comes to home exterior protection, controlling the water, heat, and wind around your home to keep it optimal in protecting your home and everyone in it. Our team is knowledgeable at:
  • Roof protection
  • Gutter installation and repair
  • Attic insulation
  • Curb appeal and property value
We are always happy to help Harrisburg home and business owners decide the best next steps for their roof or exterior based on the specific situation and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced experts by phone or fill out a form today.

Metal Roofs, Flats Roofs, and More

Our roofing experts have years of experience servicing a variety of roofing types including: If you are thinking about replacing your current roof material with a new roof type our team would be happy to discuss your options and help you decide the best choice so give us a call or click to chat.

Harrisburg Storm Roof Damage Repair and Replacement

Dreamworx Roofing helps home and business owners across Harrisburg to replace or repair their roofing system after a storm. We work with your insurance company to get your roof back into top shape. Fill out a form or give us a call today!