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How to Tell if Your Roof is Leaking

Are you trying to find how to tell if your roof is leaking?

You would think that it would be very easy to tell if you have a leak in your roof. While severe storms can leave fairly obvious signs of damage on your roof, sometimes these signs are not as obvious. There are a few important things to look out for as an unidentified leak can lead to costly damages down the road. If you notice any sign that you may have a leak in your roof, act fast.

Top Ways to Tell if Your Roof is Leaking

If you are worried your roof is leaking, there are a few tell-tale signs that will help you find out for sure. Here are the key signs to be aware of so you know if your roof is leaking.


This is the most obvious sign that you have a roof leak. If you notice that you have a stain or a wet spot on your ceiling, you most likely have a leak in your roof. The water can be coming in through a spot where roofing material is missing, or your roof is simply damaged enough to let water inside. It is important to take action quickly if you notice that your roof has a leak, especially if you are starting to see water stains on your ceiling. The longer that you wait, the more damage that can be done.

water stain on ceiling could indicate a leaking roof

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Another good way to tell if you have a roof leak would be to inspect the outside of your home in search of missing or damaged shingles. Strong winds, debris, and hail can lift, dent, and tear shingles. Once the shingle is gone, your roof is exposed and likely to let water in.

missing shingles causing roof to leak

Mold in Your Attic

There are a few ways that mold can make its way into the attic. One way involves missing roof materials or a simply damaged roof. If your roof is old and has suffered damages throughout its life, it can be missing shingles or other materials. This means that rain and moisture can easily get into the attic.

Now, if there is mold in your attic, that doesn’t instantly mean there is a leak. It could mean your roof has insufficient ventilation which will cause excessive moisture and therefore, mold. Regardless, this is not a good thing to find and if you suspect there is mold in your attic, you should contact a professional right away.

mold in attic caused by leaking roof

Rust & Water Near Your Stove Pipe

Another sign that you have a leak in your roof involves your stove pipe. If you notice that it is rusting or water collects there, you may have a leak in your ceiling. This can be caused by defective flashings. If caught in a reasonable time frame, it can be remedied easily.

This tip goes for all main plumbing or ventilation pipes that run from the inside of your house to the roof. Typically, you will find these pipes and vents in your kitchen above the stove (sometimes on older microwaves), above bathrooms, and near your furnace exhaust vent.

checking your furnace exhaust vent for roof leaks

How to Fix Your Leaking Roof

If you notice any of these signs or just know that your roof is leaking, now is the time to call a professional. Sure, you can give the DIY route a try, but if you want to save yourself the time, effort, and worry of getting the job done right, it’s best to get a quality contractor.

If you happen to be in Pennsylvania, make sure to give the pros at Dreamworx Exteriors a call. We are proud to offer our roof leak repair and roof replacement services to those in the Camp Hill, Carlisle, Enola, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lemoyne, Lower Allen, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, Palmyra, York, Lancaster, and Linglestown, PA areas.

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