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How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?: Estimates and ROI

metal roof cost aerial view

Have you noticed the change?

Slowly but surely, metal roofs are popping up all across the country. While you might have gotten used to only seeing them in spaces like barns or storage sheds, they’re becoming a popular choice for commercial and residential properties alike.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you may very well be considering a metal roof. However, you likely have a lot of questions.

  • Is a metal roof right for my style of house?
  • Are there really that many benefits of a metal roof?
  • What will the ROI be on my new metal roof?

And, of course, that most important question:

How much does a metal roof cost?

We will break down the cost and all the other factors you need to consider when installing metal roofing.

What Are the Benefits of a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs aren’t becoming popular without reason. Here are just a few of the benefits your home can reap when you install metal roofing.

metal roof cost brick house with metal roof

1) Durability

One of the biggest draws of a metal roof is how durable they are. Metal roofs do not wear down in the same way that traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles do. While a standard shingle roof will last 15-30 years, a well-maintained metal roof can last for up to 50 years or more!

One of the reasons they last so long is that they are very weather-resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for almost any climate.

2) Eco-Friendly

If taking care of the planet is as important to you as taking care of your home, a metal roof might be a great choice for you.

Metal roofs are great for improving your home’s energy efficiency. This is largely because they have excellent reflectivity and redirect the sun’s UV rays away from your home. This keeps your home cool, meaning your energy bill will be lower.

Metal roofs also pair excellently with solar panels. The smooth texture of your metal roof makes installing solar panels simple.

3) Versatile

Metal roofing is unique in the sense that it is a roofing material that can work equally well on both residential and commercial buildings. Typically, these buildings need different types of roofs, as they tend to have vastly different roof slopes.

However, metal roofing can be used regardless of your roof pitch.

4) Prevents Moss and Fungus Growth

Unlike more traditional roofing materials, metal roofing is very resistant to moss and fungus growth. Moss growth on your roof can end up displacing traditional asphalt shingles, which could allow water to penetrate your roof and damage your home.

5) Fire Resistant

If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, a metal roof could help protect your home from fire damage.

The majority of metal roofs are Assembly Rated Class A, to help provide superior fire resistance for your home.

metal roof cost log home

6) Good for Wet Climates

If you live in a wet or snowy climate, you likely know how damaging it can be for your home’s roof. With a metal roof, you don’t have to worry. Water is easy to clean off of your roof’s surface, and snow easily slides off.

7) Resale Value

When pricing your home, it’s important to consider what things a future buyer will have to replace. When you add a metal roof, it’s unlikely that any future buyers will have to replace it in the near future. This can be a huge added bonus for many and help increase your resale value.

What Are the Challenges of a Metal Roof?

While metal roofs come with very few cons, there are a few things you should consider when making your choice.

1) Price

Metal roofing is inevitably more expensive than a standard asphalt shingle roof. Some types of metal roofing can cost twice as much as a standard roof replacement.

2) Changing With the Weather ⛈️

Metal roofs expand and contract with the changing weather. While this isn’t hugely different from any other roofing materials, it’s worth noting if you live in a climate where there are weather extremes.

3) Loud Sounds

One of the biggest reasons people don’t choose metal roofs for their residential properties is that they are noisy. When it rains, you may feel like you are in the middle of a storm cloud. That being said, an unusually noisy metal roof could be due to improper installation. Hiring a professional roofer will help ensure that your home stays quiet and peaceful.

metal roof cost corner of roof

Types of Metal Roofs

When researching how much your metal roof costs, it’s good to note that there are a variety of metal roof materials to choose from. Each one will come with a different price point. Here are some of the most popular metal roof types on the market.

  • Aluminum roofs – Aluminum is a popular material choice for a metal roof. It is one of the most durable options on the market, costing around $2-$12 per square foot.
  • Metal Shingles – If you like the traditional look of a tile roof but want the benefits that metal roofing has to offer, you might want to consider choosing metal shingles! Metal shingles are a beautiful option for residential properties.
  • Steel Roofs – Some types of metal roofing are more susceptible to shrinking after repeated exposure to cold weather. Steel roofing is a great choice for homes in cold climates as it is resistant to shrinking and cracking.
  • Tin Roofs – A tin roof is really just a steel roof in disguise. Tin coats the steel core, making it a hugely durable product that is also recyclable!
  • Corrugated Metal Roofs – A corrugated metal roof is more likely to be seen on a commercial building rather than a residential one. It is more affordable than other types of metal roofing, costing only $3-$7 per square foot.
  • Copper Roofing – When you want a roofing material with a huge visual impact, you can’t go wrong with copper roofing. It is a beautiful type of roof with old-world charm. It is the most high-end option on this list, coming in at $14-$25 per square foot.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs – A standing seam metal roof has a sleek, modern look that looks great on residential properties. It costs, on average, $8-$14 per square foot.

What Kind of Buildings Can Have a Metal Roof?

As we’ve mentioned above, metal roofs work wonderfully for both residential and commercial properties.

Historically, metal roofs have been reserved for commercial properties. However, these days, more and more homeowners are drawn to the durability and unique aesthetic of a metal roof.

Can I Install a Metal Roof Myself?

When it comes to the question, “Can I DIY my metal roof installation?” we have two answers.

1.) Anything is possible. You can do pretty much any home project if you want to.

2.) Metal roofing requires a specific skill set and equipment that might be better left to a professional.

In general, we recommend that if you feel any doubt about your ability to safely and correctly install a metal roof you hire a qualified professional.

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

Now, for the big question.

We’ve broken down how metal roofing prices vary depending on the material you choose. But how much can you really expect to spend on your new metal roof?

For an average-sized residential property, you can expect to spend $10,000-$40,000, depending on the type of metal roofing material you choose.

What Is the ROI of a Metal Roof?

As mentioned above, the durability of a metal roof can be a big draw to future buyers! When you purchase a metal roof, you can expect an ROI of about 85% of your total cost.

Additionally, you’ll find that metal roofs come with a whole host of additional savings, including fewer repairs, lower energy bills, and potentially lower insurance rates if you live in an area that is prone to wildfires.

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