How to Complete Roof Insurance Claim Paperwork [Example]

Roof Insurance Claim Paperwork – Real Life Example: Part 2

Roof repair insurance claim paper work.
How to Read Your Roof Insurance Claim Paperwork: Part 1
March 29, 2021
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Roof Insurance Claim Paperwork – Real Life Example: Part 2

When it comes to roof insurance paperwork and dealing with insurance companies after a storm damages your roof, it can be confusing. Oftentimes the lines are blurred and you need professional expertise to ensure your home and roof are properly covered. We will walk you through a real life claim we recently worked on and explain how having the right roofing contractor will help you receive full coverage for all roof and exterior damage.

Initial Estimate

We had a family contact our team and ask for one of our members to come out to their home and assess their roof after a severe hail storm had damaged their property. They had already had their insurance company out and the adjuster had an estimate. Their insurance company quoted a $12,609 Replacement Cost Value to cover the cost of the roof replacements and a few other small damages.

Reassessing Damage

Our team went to the home and did a thorough inspection across the entire exterior of the home. Our goal was not to just take whatever damage the insurance company noticed but to ensure the insurance company would cover every single damage that the hail storm had caused. While some roofing contractor would just take the initial assessment and run, our team thoroughly inspected the home’s exterior and documented every damage associated with the recent storm and found dozens of damages the insurance company had originally not included or had significantly undervalued.

We documented and brought all these damages to the insurance company. After originally rejecting the additional replacements we used our roofing expertise and fought for the home owners to ensure everything was covered and the homeowners got a completely new roof and exterior covered.


By taking these extra steps and acting as a resource for the homeowners we were able to increase the repair coverage from $12,609 to $35,367!

The original assessment had only included a small roof replacement and repair work on a few siding panels. Our team was able to increase the coverage to include full siding replacement, new gutters, and window wraps basically completely replacing the home’s exterior with new high-quality materials.

By working directly with the insurance company and using our roofing expertise to prove that there were additional damages caused by the storm damage, we were able to increase the damage covered by almost 3 times. Our work helped that family get a completely new home exterior from just paying the $3,000 dollar deductible on their insurance policy.

When you are dealing with your roof insurance you always want a reliable roofing contractor who is willing to battle for you and make sure you get the most from the insurance premiums you are paying for. Dreamworx Roofing is always happy to help homeowners with any questions they have so please reach out to our team online or over the phone.

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