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How Long (On Average) Does It Take To Replace A Roof?

roofer working on how long does it take to replace a roof

Homeowners might put off replacing their roof because they think it will be a weeks-long project like their last remodel—but this is not the case. With the advancements of high-powered nailers and lightweight roofing materials, most roofs can be installed within a day.

However, many factors can determine the exact amount of time it takes to replace a roof. If you’re thinking about scheduling your roof replacement, but are concerned with the timeline, here are some things that can affect how long it takes so you can plan ahead.

6 Factors That Determine How Long Your Roof Replacement Will Take

On average, a standard-size roof replacement (2,500 sq. ft. or less) takes about a day to install. This includes the roof tear-off and installation of the new materials. Larger, more complex jobs can take 3-5 days, depending on a few other factors. But you can get a good idea of how long the roof replacement may take by considering the following:

The Condition of Your Current Roof

Before installing a new roof on your home, the old one first has to be removed. Your contractors will do a complete tear-off using roof rakes, pry bars, or their hands to peel off the old shingles. The bigger the roofing crew, the faster tear-off can go, and if they use a Catch-All System or dumpster, clean-up can also be a breeze.

With the old roof off, your roof’s underlayment will be exposed. If water damage, cracks, or sagging are revealed after the old shingles are gone, it can stall the project. A contractor shouldn’t install the new roof on top of existing damage. This can be remedied by resheathing the roof or rebuilding parts of the roof’s structure in a worst-case scenario.

This situation can be avoided by spotting and repairing any roof issues as you see them and not putting them off. Prevention and maintenance are vital to upholding the integrity of your entire roofing system beyond just the shingles.

The Complexity of Your Roof

More complex roofs will take longer because they have more valleys, angles, and edges that require resizing shingles and installation of more flashing and other leak-proofing efforts.

Some roofing materials are not ideal for complex roofs—so talk to your contractor about what they recommend if you have a roof that has more sides, areas, or dormers, for example. For the most part, with proper planning and easy accessibility, even a complex roof could be done within a day or two.

roof complexity affecting how long does it take to replace a roof

Roof Accessibility

Roof access can play a big part in how long your roof replacement will take. Contractors need to haul material and tools up and down ladders or scaffolding, and if that part of the job is difficult, it can take exceptionally longer.

If your home is a single-story, low-pitch roof, this is incredibly accessible for roofers to do their job. But taller homes with steep pitches or homes with lots of landscaping or other things around their home can prove challenging when it comes to easily accessing the roof.

man on roof with ladder affecting roof replacement timeline

Weather on Installation Day

There’s a reason roofing jobs aren’t common during the fall and winter months. Even spring might take a hit depending on where you live in the country. Summer may be hot, but it still has the most optimal weather days to install a roof.

Contractors watch the weather closely on days when they have your roof replacement scheduled. If a thunderstorm is in the forecast, chances are they will reschedule ahead of time. It is both difficult and dangerous for roofers to be up on your home installing shingles during inclement weather.

A light rainstorm without wind or lightning can prove difficult, but a roof installation can be done as long as the rain is not damaging the sheathing underneath. The last thing you want to happen is water seeping into your exposed roof during this time.

If it begins raining during a job, the contractors will tarp over any exposed areas as soon as possible, and get themselves to safety as it passes, or come back the next day. Weather can be a big factor in installing or prolonging a roofing project.

sunny weather on roof replacement day affecting how long does it take to replace a roof

The Type of Roofing Materials Being Installed

Different types of roofing materials require more effort and expertise than others, thus having a longer installation process. In addition, some roofing materials are much heavier than others (i.e. asphalt shingles vs. slate tiles) and need extra special care to haul them up safely.

The process for installing asphalt shingles is quick and efficient. Even a small team of contractors can quickly install an entire asphalt shingle roof within the day. It’s a simple layered and straight nailing approach, whereas something like cedar shakes or tiled roofs require a more diligent, slow process.

Despite this, a well-trained expert team of roofers knows that more premium materials require more time and effort and will plan appropriately.

The Size of Your Roof

A roof is measured by how many square feet it has. All roofs are measured differently, but the average size of a roof, either for replacement or for new construction, is about 2,000 to 3,000 square feet.

The larger the roof you plan to install, the longer it will take to complete. It’s a matter of equipment and manpower—if you have a small crew trying to install a 4,000 square foot roof in one day, they just won’t be able to get everything done on time. In addition, the other factors we’ve listed can add even more time to how long it will take.

size of roof affecting the roof replacement timeline

Planning Your Roof Replacement Timeline

It’s important to know that a quick roof replacement doesn’t always mean better, and a long roof replacement doesn’t mean poor workmanship. In fact, the most important part of getting your roof replaced is choosing the right material and the right contractor for the job.

At Dreamworx, our 3-step planning process ensures we can get your new roof replacement planned and scheduled as soon as possible. And while most of our roofs can be installed within a day, they can change based on materials or weather delays. But ultimately, the size and complexity of the job are the biggest determining factors.

You can contact Dreamworx Roofing (717) 928-8226 to discuss in detail the size and length of your roofing project, and we’ll be diligent to get you the roof you deserve as fast as we can.

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