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Protect your home from the elements with a quality metal roofing system! While metal roofing is far more durable than many other roofing materials, it is not invincible. Harsh weather can still damage your roof and a poor installation can leave it in shambles. That's why it best to get routine roof inspections and maintenance to make sure you get the most life out of your roof. The best way to get the most out of your metal roof is by calling our team at Dreamworx for quality inspections, repairs, and replacements. Not only will we be there quickly, but we will only recommend work that need to be done.

• Quality repair or replacement to protect your home against weather, leaks, and extreme temperatures.

• Rest assured with trusted lifetime material and labor warranties

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Metal Roofing Services Across Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Surrounding Areas

As central Pennsylvania's premier roofing expert, Dreamworx Roofing has extensive knowledge in metal roofing systems and a constant commitment to providing homeowners across Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and surrounding areas with roofing solutions that are long-lasting and look great.


Metal Roof Replacement

We have years of experience installing metal roofing systems. Choosing the right material and the correct color to match the exterior of your home is critical. Our experts are happy to help you find the right solution and assure you get the beautiful, long-lasting metal roof to retain your home's curb appeal year-after-year.


Metal Roof Repair

When there are only a few damaged areas sometimes the most effective option is to repair sections of a roof versus replacing it entirely. Our experts know the difference and are always trying to find the best value for our customers. Our team has all the necessary equipment and know-how to repair your metal roof and keep your home healthy for years to come.


Metal Roofing Systems

Our team are knowledgeable and equipped to install and services a variety of metal roofing systems including standing seam metal roofs and corrugated metal roofs. Don't hesitate to contact our experts to learn more about the pros and cons of each system. We would be happy to discuss all your options and find a solution that fits all your needs!

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Metal Roofing Systems Across Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg

Metal Roof Compared to Standard Shingle Roofs

Metal roofing systems are becoming more popular in residential homes. Many homeowners enjoy the sleek design and added durability of a metal roofing system. But what are the main differences and how do I know what is the best option for me?



Metal roofing systems are typically much more expensive than standard shingle roofing systems. While a standard shingle roofing system will normally run about $3-$5 per square foot, a metal roofing system will typically run $5-$10 per square foot. While the actual material is not excessively more expensive the main difference in cost comes from the skill and labor to actually install or service a metal roof. Metal roofing systems are much more intensive and complex to install. Not just any roofing company has the know-how and equipment to properly install a metal roof and a successful job can often take two or three times as long as a shingle roof. Add in the expense of the metal material and you get a significantly more expensive project.



Metal is a very strong material. While asphalt shingles can rip just from someone's hand strength, metal shingles can withstand most hurricane-grade winds, hail, snow, and ice build-ups. The base warranty on a metal roof usually starts at 40 years which includes damages to paint (bubbling, chipping) however, because of the added durability, it is not uncommon for a metal roofing system to last up to 60 years or more if maintained properly. This added lifespan is a big reason why many homeowners are unphased by metal roofing systems' higher price tag.



Shingle roofs are actually incredibly absorbent of the sun's heat-causing your attic to capture excess heat during the summertime, seeping that warmth into the rest of your home. Metal roofs, on the other hand, actually reflect that heat away from your home meaning it is actually a lot more cost-efficient to air-condition. This can save as much as 20% - 30% on cooling bills. Additionally, metal roofing material is often made from recycled material making it a great green option.


Style Options

Metal roofing systems offer a great amount of variety with the ability to choose the type of metal, the color, and the format (tile, shingle, panel). Many commercial properties like to brand their buildings with custom colors. A metal roofing system allows those businesses to style their roofing system exactly how they want it, whereas a shingle roofing system is much more limited when it comes to framing the properties aesthetic.

Knowing if a metal roof is right for you is a complex decision. If you are interested checkout our comprehensive Metal VS Shingle roof comparison video here. Our roofing experts would be happy to help you decide the right solution so contact us today!


1What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?
Metal roofs are far more costly to install and service. If installed incorrectly a metal roofing system may loosen over time from the expanding and contracting of the metal panels. Metal may be excessively noisy during heavy rain or hail storms if proper insulation is not implemented.
2Can a metal roof be repaired?
While metal roofs are much more durable they still require regular maintenance and repairs to fix leaks and such.
3Can you walk on a metal roof without damaging it?
Always contact an expert if you are unsure of the details of your metal roofing system or are hesitant to get up on a roof yourself. You could potentially harm both yourself and your roof so contact our experts at Dreamworx Roofing today and we would be happy to help. There are a variety of different types of metal roofs including corrugated steel, standing seam, metal shingle and shake roofs. Depending on the specifics of your metal roofing system you may be able to safely walk on your roof but you must always be cautious to not harm yourself or the roofing material while doing so. A few tips include: Wear soft shoes that provide enough grip on a metal surface. Make sure any equipment you have on you (especially heavy equipment) does not fall onto the roofing material. There is often an air space between the roof deck and the metal material so it is very possible you could cause a bend in the panels while walking on them. Contact the roof supplier or roofing contractor associated with your roofing system to make sure you are safe to get up on the roof.

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