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Looking for a contractor to install new attic insulation for your home or not sure if new insulation is the right choice for you? Contact our experts at Dreamworx Roofing. We are Harrisburg and surrounding areas expert insulation contractor and we would be happy to inspect your home and find you the best solution!

Benefits of New Attic Insulation

Your attic is one of the main sources of energy loss in your home. Keeping it properly insulated is an important part of protecting your home and keeping your energy bill down.
  • Benefits of attic insulation:
  • Improved air quality
  • Minimizes noise
  • Increase energy efficiency and lowers your energy bill
  • Keeps warmth in during the winter and prevents heat from coming in during the summer

Types of Attic Insulation

Dreamworx Roofing has experience with a variety of different insulation types including:

Batt Fiberglass Insulation - Batt fiberglass is the standard pre-cut panel insulation and it is some of the most common forms of insulation. They generally offer the least protection of all the options but are definitely the cheapest per square inch. Homeowners also have the option to have them spread out with a blower to more efficiently cover all of the surfaces.

Cellulose Insulation - Cellulose is composed of ground-up paper with boric acid. They are both an insect repellant and fire resistance material because of the boric acid. The dense material is great at controlling air movement.

Spray Foam - Is commonly regarded as the best performing attic insulator. When installed properly, it will fill every nook and cranny creating a solid air barrier that prevents heat from leaving your home during the winter and keeps the heat out during the summer making sure your energy bill is a low as possible.

If you are unsure what insulation is right for your home contact our team today and we would be happy to assess your situation and lay out all your options.